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The FL. Board of Medicine recently mandated new rules and regulations for pain clinics. While these rules (for MDs) are not yet in effect, First Choice has voluntarily chosen to abide by those rules and regulations.

First Choice believes that these rules and regulations will greatly assist in weeding out the bad clinics and was proud to have assisted in the rule development process.


First Choice is not accepting new patients.


First Choice Accepts Cash and all Major Credit and Debit Cards (no checks). First Choice is fully licensed to accept all major insurance plans but currently does not accept insurance plans.

Unlike many clinics First Choice only charges you after you have seen the physician; if you have an appointment and that appointment is not honored then you will not be charged.


Be advised that the appointment process may take up to 1 week and no same day appointments’ will be given. Don’t even ask as First Choice considers such requests to be suspect.

Appointment Requirements, Process and rules:

  • You will be subject to a very direct and personal telephone interview by our trained staff which will include questions about your past medical and criminal history. All information you provide will be verified and a criminal history background check will be conducted. First Choice apologizes for this but under the current reality it is required to protect the practice, physicians and community.
  • First Choice treats only legal Florida residents with a state issued ID whose residences are within a 40 mile radius of the clinic.
    A limited exception will be made for out of state visitors who are currently under a physicians care in their home state (verifiable records required) and who have an emergency.
  • We treat only those that have been previously diagnosed by a Medical Doctor (MD) or an Osteopathic Physician (DO) with a condition that is known to cause Chronic Pain (Chiropractor diagnosis’s are not accepted). In most cases an MRI’s alone is not a “ticket in.
  • First Choice reserves the right to impose additional requirements for those under the age of 27.
  • All medical records must be verifiable from the source and you will be required to execute a HIPPA medical release which allows First Choice top obtain your medical records.
  • You are required to obtain a 1 year (from current month back 12 months) prescription history printout from all pharmacies that you frequent and bring this to your 1st appointment.
  • All patients are required to have a personal medication safe. First Choice sells a medication safe for $41.50 (our cost). If you already have a safe you will be required to show proof of ownership by supplying manufacturer's name, model and serial number.
  • You will be required (by our long time rules and now law) to be tested (urine drug screen) for compliance with the above “contract” and law. Your screen must only show medications currently being prescribed otherwise you will not be accepted as a patient.
  • First Choice co-operates fully with law enforcement in investigation involving the diversion of medications

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